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Kerry Mitchell

P.O. Box 9

Goshen, AR 72735

(479) 443-4965


I am applying for a position in the education field. I am certified in Elementary Education grades k-4. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in May 2005. I currently received my masters of elementary education in May 2006.


With an interest in the education field, I have successfully completed an internship with the University of Arkansas where I acquired experience through a public school. I have experience designing the classroom, preparing the curriculum, and learning classroom management skills. I also have experience as an undergraduate. I have observed day cares, special education classes, and general education classrooms. I have created lesson plans in my undergraduate classes. I created several portfolios’ in my classes that have been used to prepare for my masters internship. Introduction to Education, Classroom Learning Theory, and Survey of Exceptionalities are some classes that have helped prepare me for my career.


I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you my qualifications in the education field.





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Last revised: July 27, 2004