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Kerry Mitchell

P.O. Box 9

Goshen, AR 72735

(479) 443-4965



            It is partially because of growing up in a non-educated, lower class family in Northwest


Arkansas and having experience in the public schools I decided to major in Elementary


Education. I chose this profession because I want to have a positive influence on students.


Also my mother started working in food service at Fayetteville Public Schools fourteen years


ago because she wanted the opportunity to stay home with her two children during their


school years. I would also like to have a family some day and I know that this profession would


give me the opportunity to care for my children when they need me.


Graduating from Fayetteville High School in 2001, I decided to enter college to prepare


for a career. I started my education at NWACC (Northwest Arkansas Community College)


because of my financial situations and the smaller classes and school. Since my parents could


not afford to send their children to college I had to work part-time and go to school full-time. I


have worked and paid for my college education every semester. I attended NWACC for two


and a half years graduating with an Associate of Science degree. I transferred to the


University of Arkansas in the spring of 2004. I graduated with my BSE degree in 2005. The


cost of the university was so much more than the community college that I knew I had to


decide whether to quit college or go in debt to finish. If I quit school I knew I would not have


the opportunity to teach and there was nothing else in life that I wanted to do more.  I decided


to attend the University of Arkansas graduate program to become certified and experience the


internship that they offered. Now that I am certified in Arkansas I would like to stay in the


Northwest Arkansas area to begin my career. 





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